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Lego Tower

What have you been doing during the lockdown? Surrey young ringer Fred Mills built himself a church with a working ring of 8 bells. The model stands 3 feet high and took a week to build. Great job Fred!

There is a house in Oxted where a bear is dressed up in a different outfit each day. Today he ringing in celebration of Tom.

Ian Griffiths

Gardeners World for Bellringers

Shared by Alison McCormick

Call for help

David Underdown (Putney) is looking for volunteers to help research more of the men named on the Surrey Association roll of honour for Association members who served in the First World War. See Davids blog and contact him at:

The fascinating story of the bells as St. Mary's Clapham (RC)

Stair hunting

Here's a great way to practice your favourite method and keep fit at home. Number your stairs and then step up and down them following the blue line. (Found on Facebook, credit to Steve Askew)

Anyone recognise the method?

Submitted by Milica Reardon

The Blind Bellringer - This may be of interest. It was an article yesterday, 31st March, in the In Touch programme on BBC Radio 4 about a blind 18th Century Bellringer. The article starts 13 minutes in to the programme. (Thanks Milica)

Band meets by Zoom

Shared by Noel Gibbin. Here is a screen shot of a zoom meeting being held by the St Johns Caterham band and visitors in our usual Monday practice night time slot. Next week we are going to try some form of ringing!

Private Eye

Shared by Louise Booth. Private Eye (Issue 1516) has a lovely cartoon about ringing in it. It's a reflection of the quirky life of bellringers rather than any jokes. Maybe it is amusing if you are not a bellringer, but to us it is just real life. The church and the people in it are real. You will see me in there! The cartoonist, David Ziggy Greene came to the Rotherhithe practice on 11 February, and his observations are quite insightful. There are a couple of inaccuracies but we don't get the chance to proof read before publication.

Reproduced by kind permission of PRIVATE EYE magazine and David Ziggy Green.