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This page is for tips and tricks and other information on how to keep in touch with your band, the Association and wider ringing community using messaging, video conferencing and social media.

Twitter top-tip: search #bellringing

Social Media

Connect with the Surrey Association

Connect with other ringers:

The Bellringers group on Facebook
A list of Twitter Accounts to Follow

Fun add: Follow the personal tweets of Great George in Bristol

.......We'll be adding more links as we find them

Which comms platform do I use?

ART have put together some posters to help you keep your bands and towers together online.

Tower virtual meetings

Its great to hear of so many towers are now holding weekly tower meetings to keep in touch using Zoom; something that is so vital for us all during this period of lockdown. These meetings include virtual ringing, quizzes or just chat. We would encourage all towers to set these up to keep our ringing community together and enable social interaction. Details of how to use Zoom are below - it really is simpler than you think. If you are not a member of such a group, or would like to join another, then the following is a list of groups that would welcome you. Ask to be sent contact details by sending an email to the group organiser (click on the link for that tower). If you would like your tower to join the list of groups please send details to

Caterham St John's (Monday 8pm): Chat, ringing, quizzes. ("

Kingston upon Thames (8 pm Wednesdays) Mostly chat (Paul Flavell:

St Mary’s Merton (Monday 8 to 9pm) chat, quizzes, and trying Ringing Room. (Daphne Perry,

Lingfield (Thursday 8pm, after the NHS clapping. Chat only! (Chris Baldwin:

St Mary Magdalene, Richmond, Tuesdays at 20:15, chat and experimenting with Ringing Room (Martin Crick,

Virtual Bell ringing


Ringing Room provides a virtual belfry environment for ringers to ring together at a distance. It accepts keystrokes. Using controllers, with real ringers on every bell or pairs of hand bells, it is now possible to ring performances which meet the Central Council framework criteria for peals.

A growing list of performances in Ringing Room

also .....If you are on Discord look for 'Handbell Stadium'

.....More links to be added as we find them

Video Conferencing - How to use Zoom

We'll be using video conferencing utility Zoom to hold meetups and our AGM in May and many bands are using it to hold their own meetups.

You don't need to have your own Zoom account to join a meeting, just click on the link the host sends you. Zoom also have an iPAD app you can download for the Apple Appstore if that's easier and if all else fails you can dial in from a regular phone, the host will tell you how.

If you are joining online Zoom have a 'test' facility where any one you can join a dummy meeting ahead of time to check your device's compatibility.

Experience tells us it's best to use the Chrome browser but Firefox works as well. There does appear to be issues using Microsoft Edge though so best to avoid if you can.

Video - Joining a Zoom meeting for the very first time
Video - How to host a Zoom meeting

A Quick Guide to Zoom